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What We Do

The AAV primarily has three main focuses.

The first focus of the AAV is public safety. Acupuncturists who are members of our association are a professional body of practitioners who are qualified to a nationally recognized standard in the practice of acupuncture throughout Australia. All practitioners are scrutinized before they are accepted as members of our organisation and must abide by our Code of Ethics. This is a guideline regarding the accepted conduct and practice of acupuncturists to ensure that the public are treated in a safe and ethical manner.

The second focus of the AAV endeavours to educate the public. As alternative medicines have become increasingly popular over the past two decades in particular, a primary goal of the AAV is to ensure that the public obtain accurate & factual information about Chinese Medicine and those who practice it. The AAV provide details of professionally registered practitioners to members of the public who wish to engage their services. Members of the general public are encouraged to contact the AAV in their quest to find qualified, skilled and reputable practitioners in their local area.

Finally, to protect member rights to practice Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and represent like-minded professional practitioners in Australia. The AAV actively communicate with and lobby against state and federal government bodies when legislation is presented. As a member of the AAV, you can be kept up to date regarding the political changes relating to acupuncture and have a voice in the legislative process. As members of the AAV, acupuncturists have the opportunity to mingle with specialists in their field and to partake in ongoing professional education.

If, as a member of the public, you are seeking information on practitioners servicing your local area, please use the contact form at the base of this page to submit your enquiry.

Prospective members can learn more about the AAV, it’s membership requirements, guidelines and benefits by clicking here to download an information pack.
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